Launching the Era of Autonomous Flight


Build the safety sensors and aircraft to deliver transformational capabilities to the Aerospace and Advanced Air Mobility sectors.


Autonomy for Every Aircraft

A3S is an autonomous airspace awareness system that fuses onboard sensors to detect, track, and autonomously avoid intruder aircraft and obstacles.



Eos is a rapidly deployable, runway independent UAS equipped with A3S™, unlocking safe integration into the National Airspace System alongside commercial and general aviation.

Eos delivers hours of persistent, real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities with minimal logistical support for sustained operations in challenging environments.


Icing Detection System

MIDAS is a moisture and icing detection alert system that provides real-time monitoring and early warning of at the initial onset of icing conditions.

Wired or wireless capabilities and will attach to any surface, from wing leading edges to engine intakes and beyond.

Providing safety alerts for aircrew and expanded operational envelope for UAS.


Build what matters.

Design, test, and deploy the hardware and software solutions that solve complex, real-world problems.

Go from concept to deployed product in a mission-driven, cross-functional team.

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