About Pegasus

Our Mission

Transform access to data to empower decision makers in industry and government.

Our Vision

Develop the technology and people necessary to create an equilibrium between humanity and our environment.

Our Spark

- Cole Rosentreter, CD, CEO

Pegasus launched into existence to fill the gap between innovative technologies available outside of Canada to support front line responders in high risk situations. We are here to give industry and government the information needed to make smart decisions. This is especially relevant with the current trajectory of Climate Change. Disasters are increasing in frequency and severity, we need to make smart decisions to combat the obstacles and challenges that we are facing globally.

The Problem

Data loses its value over time. Critical information is not accessible to the key decision makers.

The Solution

Collect, process, host, and transfer critical data. Making it accessible to the people who need it the most.

The Fit

Multiple high quality data types are delivered. Whether it's full collection, processing and transfer or existing data purchases.

The New Aerospace Sector

Developing safe unmanned aircraft to transform access to real-time, actionable intel.


An autonomous Group III VTOL fixed-wing drone integrated with the A3S DAA system. Eos is runway independent, all-weather and leverages high payload capacity and long endurance to deliver results at the scale of industry and government demands.


The Autonomous Airspace Awareness System (A3S) fuses airborne radar and other sensors with edge AI (artificial intelligence) to safely unlock and access Beyond Visual Line of Sight, in any airspace. Pegasus is an industry leader in DAA technology.

The Moisture & Icing Detection Alert System (MIDAS) provides lifesaving early detection and pilot notification of icing conditions and buildup. MIDAS delivers pilots and operators real-time temperature, moisture along with icing type and thickness.

Meet The Team

Cole Rosentreter, CD

Chief Executive Officer

Cole Rosentreter is the Founder and CEO of Pegasus where he drives the strategic direction and product roadmap of the aerospace technology company.

Prior to Pegasus, Cole served 15 years in the Canadian Army as a paratrooper. In 2018, he founded Pegasus to develop intelligence-driven solutions capable of transforming complex challenges like wildfire management. Cole is a graduate of Draper University, a 2020 NASA iTech Semi-finalist, and 2021 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist.

John Hryniw, MMM, CD

Chief Operating Officer

  • 32-year veteran of the Canadian Army

As Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Pegasus, John Hryniw is responsible for both the day-to-day operations of the company and regulatory affairs. During his time in the Army, John gained decades of experience dealing with operations, standards, and training. John holds an RPAS flight reviewer certification with Transport Canada and remains active in training new pilots to the industry.

Rachel Ruff, CPA, CA

VP Finance

  • Chartered Accountant

Rachel is a hardworking CPA with training through EY’s Assurance practice. She wears many hats; management of company finances, HR, and sustaining the heartbeat of the company and team. Despite her busy schedule, Rachel is always the person you can count on to lend a helping hand. Outside of work, she is the treasurer for the Ukrainian Language Arts Society and enjoys figure skating.

Norah Landry

Business Development Manager

  • BComm and Business Sustainability Management

Norah was drawn to working at Pegasus because she saw the ability to make real world impact with this technology and team. She hopes to help Pegasus achieve being the first to market in BVLOS services for government and industry. When she’s not working, she is exploring her love for architecture and design and integrating them into her life, walking her dog, and heading to the mountains to hike or ski.

Dallyn Wynnychuk, E.I.T., MASc.

Aerospace Engineer

  • MASc. Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering – Aerospace Specialization

Dallyn joined the Pegasus team to develop one of the world’s most advanced heavy-lift drones. He gets to do this every day while leading a highly skilled and motivated team of mechanical and mechatronic engineers. He enjoys facing new challenges each day and pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge technology. In his spare time, you can find Dallyn running, woodworking, or making pasta.

Mark Sherstan, E.I.T., MSc.

Mechatronics Engineer

  • MSc. Mechanical Engineering

Mark’s innate interest in working with cutting-edge technology and being able to design, build and test his own work is what drove him to a role at Pegasus. His overarching goal in life is to make the world a better and safe place through innovation and new technology. When he is not in design and assembly mode, you can find him in the outdoors, rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking.

Shivam Jaswal, E.I.T.

Mechanical Engineer

  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering

Inspired by the experiences of his friends and family in the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire, Shivam was drawn to Pegasus’ commitment to improving wildfire management through innovative technology. At Pegasus, he enjoys working closely with a dedicated team of engineers and pilots to improve the design and manufacture of RPAS. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and soccer, video games, and his guitar.

AJ Gill, E.I.T.

Mechanical Engineer

  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering

AJ’s passion for functional design led him to a career at Pegasus, with a goal of helping the company become the standard for autonomous aviation in Canada. A typical day for AJ can include rapid prototyping and working closely with his team to move projects along efficiently. Outside of work, AJ is an avid Formula One fan and enjoys playing video games, golf, and basketball.

Michael Dockery, P.Eng

Senior Electrical Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

  • BSc Electrical Engineering

Michael joined the Pegasus team, excited to bring new perspectives and ideas to current designs, and advance the commercialization of significant projects. He enjoys being able to work in an innovative environment with his multi-disciplinary team while troubleshooting on the fly. When he’s not wiring or soldering, Mike can be found taking photographs and spending time with his wife and son.

Frankie Mantella, E.I.T.

Electrical Engineer

  • BSc. Electrical Engineering

Seeing the difference that was being made in the fight against wildfire and climate change, Frankie joined the Pegasus team with gusto. He truly enjoys the company culture and the driven team he gets to work with, making contributions to technological developments he knows will better the world. Frankie enjoys playing soccer (wearing all his jerseys), golf, and going camping & hiking.   

Christopher Surma, E.I.T., MSc.

Software Engineer

  • MSc. Mechanical Engineering

At Pegasus, Chris continues to master his skills in the development of UAV control systems and sophisticated algorithms. He works on Pegasus’ collision avoidance system (A3S), progressing safety software systems, and performing tests on multifaceted complex projects, alongside a fantastic group of like-minded individuals. In his spare time, Chris likes to read, cook, and get a good night’s sleep!

Donald Nguyen, E.I.T.

Software Engineer

  • BSc. Computer Engineering

Donald’s goal when joining Pegasus was to help achieve fully autonomous BVLOS flight through the development of proprietary software, A3S, for Detect and Avoid capabilities. A typical day for Donald is working closely with software and mechanical engineers to integrate technologies. Once he can get away from the computer, you can find Donald reading, or drinking coffee.

Fred Drury, E.I.T.

Software Engineer

  • BSc. Computer Engineering

Fred’s favourite part about working at Pegasus has been the ability to face new challenges every day and solve unprecedented problems. He was compelled to join the team as he saw he could make tangible positive impacts with his local community. When he’s not designing advanced detect and avoid software or starting new tech ventures, he can be found racing cars or running ultra-marathons.

Justin Cruse


  • Commercial Pilot License Helicopter (CPLH) Class 3 Instructor

Justin joined Pegasus as a certified helicopter pilot with over 1500 hours of flight time to support the facilitation of an airspace in which manned and unmanned aviation can share the sky. He is an essential part of the operations team, as GIS Technician and Pilot. In his spare time, Justin enjoys writing and recording music, and (staying very on-brand) flying remote-controlled airplanes.

Victor Frank, CD


  • Royal Canadian Air Force and Flight Instructor

Victor has many years of experience working on manned aircraft as an Aviation Systems Technician on the CF118 Hornet and as the Flight Engineer on the CH146 Griffon. He decided to root for the underdog and the future of the aerospace industry: unmanned aviation. His appetite for building leads him to designing and crafting his own hobby drones & RC aircrafts, restoring cars, and woodworking.

Bryon Crowhurst


  • Infantry with the Canadian Armed Forces and Trained Medical First Responder

Bryon is a military veteran, inspired by Pegasus’ founding mission to provide front-line workers with the data to support their safety and job. At Pegasus, he plans and pilots RPAS missions, operates the various sensors on the aircraft, and is a Level 1 thermographer. His favourite things outside of work are being a dad, trail running (ultra-marathons), backcountry camping, and mountain climbing.

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