Public Safety

Pegasus provides emergency responders and officers with the tools needed to perform intelligent reconnaissance from a more comprehensive point of view, and safer area. Having an eye in the sky removes human risk, and allows for information to be relayed quickly to those who need it.

Services Offered

Pegasus is here to support the people responsible for civilian safety through supporting remote search and rescue activities, improving response time to rural crime and providing the first responders and officers on the ground with the information that helps them stay safe and keep us safe as well.

Sensors Available for Data Collection

Full Motion Video (FMV)

Full Motion Video (FMV) is at the forefront of the modern Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) process. It combines real-time High Definition (HD) video with metadata to deliver rich context to any scenario. FMV provides relevant, detailed, in-depth information ready for ingestion into existing GIS workflows to deliver powerful insights from airborne platforms.

Sustainability Mission

The need for information is only increasing: data collection should be frequent, low cost and with very little impact on the environment. The aircraft that Pegasus develops and flies emit 100-200x less GHG emissions than the standard helicopters currently being used for data collection. Move your company towards a greener path by choosing technology that disrupts the status quo and contributes to the fight against climate change.