Humans continue to develop industrial infrastructure in remote locations. The demand for wildlife monitoring is increasing to align with new regulations to protect our habitats.

How we help wildlife

Identifying and maintaining track of species can be difficult, especially when their ranges are large, or their populations are small. Pegasus technology allows for safe and easier monitoring of wildlife across a wide variety of terrains, seasons, and day or night.

Sensors Available for Data Collection

Full Motion Video (FMV)

Full Motion Video (FMV) is at the forefront of the modern Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) process. It combines real-time High Definition (HD) video with metadata to deliver rich context to any scenario. FMV provides relevant, detailed, in-depth information ready for ingestion into existing GIS workflows to deliver powerful insights from airborne platforms.


Radiometric sensing, or thermography, uses a thermal camera to measure an object’s temperature by detecting the intensity of infrared signals being received. Radiometry can provide more information-rich data than daylight/RGB images; therefore, thermal data is able to inform more intelligent and actionable decisions, as well as be used across a variety of applications. 

GHG Statement

Pegasus provides high resolution data through a low GHG emissions platform (100-200x less GHG emissions than standard aerial collection methods) that produces highly effective data to manage and monitor wildlife.