Fusing airborne radar and onboard sensors with edge AI, Eos and its onboard Autonomous Airspace Awareness System (A3S) are able to detect, track, and avoid over 20 different air contacts, simultaneously. Eos is an autonomous Group III VTOL fixed-wing Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) integrated with the A3S DAA system. Eos is runway independent, all-weather and leverages high payload capacity and long endurance to deliver results at the scale of industry and government demands.

Eos is designed and manufactured in Canada to perform in the most challenging environments. Eos delivers Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions to decision makers, enabling Pegasus to collect and deliver actionable information for safer, smarter, faster decision making and situational awareness.

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The Autonomous Airspace Awareness System (A3S) fuses airborne radar and other sensors with edge AI to safely unlock Beyond Visual Line of Sight flight, in any airspace. A3S actively scans its environment 20 times per second to detect, track and autonomously avoid potential hazards like birds, drones and most importantly, manned aircraft.

Onboard AI removes human factors and data link risks in the decision making cycle, providing all-weather navigation and safety while on mission. Autonomy means rapid scaling of data collection, including airspace awareness, networked in real-time.


The Moisture & Icing Detection Alert System (MIDAS) provides lifesaving early detection and pilot notification of icing conditions and buildup. MIDAS delivers pilots and operators real-time temperature, moisture along with icing type and thickness. ​MIDAS can be wired directly into existing systems, or wirelessly attached to any surface, from the leading edge of a wing to an engine intake.

A wireless display gives operators continuous updates on their environment. ​For large aircraft or enterprise applications, multiple MIDAS systems can be customized to deliver complete coverage of critical surfaces.